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Children of the Sun

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (1)

In this world there is much violence,war, kuruption and greed. We are born with the challenge of filling the hole that dwells deep within our hearts. Some fill this hole with more violence, war,and greed. Many others fill it with drugs and alcohol, while others join gangs to feel the importance of being alive and some just loose all hope in life itself.

The consent searching of this world with the feeling of being alone, is one of our biggest fears, including death.

But what is fear?

Why is fear the roots of evil that are planted in mind, heart and soul. Causing chaos within our own mind, creating very low self confidence which corner acts to many other emotional problems.

And within our struggle, our souls yearn for the feeling of beauty, the artistry of our heart. The artistry of telling our story…through art.

The misunderstand, who still feel as you and I, but unfortunately found themselves lost in the world, with some forgotten and left alone sleeping under street lights ,while others are categorized as a threat to society, imprisoning the wrongful and ignoring the helpless. Passing judgement against their souls, as this is our society laws..

But we tend to lose site, that we are all lost and need to be found. The human soul is said to be immortal, we are gods, because our souls are made of light. We are children of the sun…

Let the stories of our hearts, the artistry of our souls be shared..Behind every face is soul who has a story to tell….  

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